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Elementary Academy: 794 Monroe Street - Brooklyn, NY 11221 - 718-638-1875
Middle Academy: 1600 Park Place - Brooklyn, NY 11233 - 347-390-0555

A Typical Day

 The classrooms of Excellence Girls provide students with a combination of joy, rigor, and hard work every day. Students are taught that hard work is a pre-requisite for success. Excellence Girls ensures that all students receive a well-rounded education that will prepare them to succeed in college preparatory high schools and in college. Our rigorous curriculum offers over three hours of literacy instruction and sixty minutes of math instruction every day, in addition to science, social studies, character education, fitness, art, and/or music.

The Excellence Girls program has a strong focus on literacy instruction:

  •  In the early grades, scholars have nearly three hours of reading instruction each day, which includes a systematic decoding program (Reading Mastery), a teacher-designed reading comprehension curriculum, and daily read-alouds.
  • In the key literacy-building years of K-3rd grade, classrooms are staffed with two teachers, in order to ensure that the student-to-teacher ratio never exceeds 15:1;
  • Students are expected to read for at least 20 minutes at home each night in K-2nd grades, and for at least 30 minutes each night starting in 3rd grade;
  • Students write in every class, and use the Writer’s Workshop method to cultivate creativity and voice.