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Elementary Academy: 794 Monroe Street - Brooklyn, NY 11221 - 718-638-1875
Middle Academy: 1600 Park Place - Brooklyn, NY 11233 - 347-390-0555

Info for Families

Active family involvement in school and learning is essential to meeting Excellence Girls Middle Academy’s mission of preparing students to succeed in high school and college. Our staff fosters family engagement in our students' learning and success through abundant and on-going communication between the parents and school. We create a dynamic in which we are partners with families in promoting their children's academic success. Specifically, we:

  • Hold a Back to School Night prior to the 1st day of school.
  • Provide an Accountability Contract, which lets families know what they can count on from the school and clarifies the school's expectations of students and families
  • Meet with families for at least three formal conferences each year to discuss their child's progress
  • Send home weekly behavioral updates and academic progress reports
  • Celebrate success with parents
  • Create regular events in which families are invited into the school to celebrate student achievement