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Elementary Academy: 794 Monroe Street - Brooklyn, NY 11221 - 718-638-1875
Middle Academy: 1600 Park Place - Brooklyn, NY 11233 - 347-390-0555


Academic Excellence

The classrooms of Excellence Girls provide students with a combination of joy, rigor, and hard work every day. Students are taught that hard work is a pre-requisite for success. Excellence Girls ensures that all students receive a well-rounded education that will prepare them to succeed in college preparatory high schools and in college. Our rigorous curriculum offers over two hours of literacy instruction and ninety minutes of math instruction every day, in addition to science, history, and enrichment.

The Excellence Girls program has a strong focus on literacy instruction:

  • Investing nearly 150 minutes per day in literacy instruction
  • Using research-proven curricula
  • Having small reading groups with one teacher
  • Having extensive professional development for our teachers on techniques which have proven to be effective in promoting literacy skills among low-income students.
  • Using early and frequent assessments to identify students in need of extra help, craft effective interventions, and measure the efficacy of our program and interventions. 

Learning Excellence

Excellence Girls is committed to ensuring that each and every student receives a rigorous college preparatory education. We have a longer school day (7:15 AM – 4:00 PM) and a longer school year to allow for more learning time. We provide extensive instruction in the core academic subjects as well as enrichment opportunities and a focus on character education. This arrangement allows for more instructional time than that provided by NYC district schools each year. 

Teaching Excellence

Excellence Girls depends upon a staff of smart, committed, and experienced individuals who work tirelessly to achieve outstanding academic results in their classrooms. Our teachers have unapologetically high academic and behavioral expectations for all scholars. Excellence Girls is committed to providing our teachers with a competitive compensation package and the necessary tools to succeed and grow professionally. Every Friday, Excellence Girls dismisses early (at 1:30 PM) so that teachers have ample time each week to reflect on and improve instruction to meet the individual needs of their scholars.

Excellence In Character

The path to and through college can be a long and arduous climb. To get our students through the long climb to college, Excellence Girls Middle Academy instills in our students the personal qualities they will need to succeed. Our students follow, and families are expected to support, the school’s Code of Conduct. Students wear uniforms and are expected to uphold the school’s Creed Values: Tenacity, Integrity, Leadership, Excellence, and Sisterhood.